Thinking Like a Mathematician

This introductory course for students (and teachers too!) reviews topics from the middle-school curriculum in a new and refreshing way and teaches you the thinking of a professional mathematician! You may feel that you have seen many of these topics before, but you will be surprised at the depth of joy and discovery and freedom that lies at the heart of "simple" ideas. Dare yourself to engage in intellectual creativity and to learn to think like a real mathematical scholar! Prepare yourself for high-school thinking in a way that will astound both high-schoolers and high-school teachers! These eighteen chapters, "MATHEMATICAL THINKING: NUMBERS AND THEIR ALGEBRA," will enthrall and delight student and teacher alike!

Here are the course materials:


    QUADRATICS, Permutations and Combinations, EXPLODING DOTS, and more!

    Written for educators - and their students too! - this website, slowly growing, takes all the content Tanton has developed in his books, videos, and workshops, and organizes it into short, self-contained, and complete, curriculum units proving that mathematics, at all points of the school curriculum, can be joyous, fresh, innovative, rich, deep-thinking, and devoid of any rote doing! Let's teach generations of students to be self-reliant thinkers, willing to flail and to use their common sense to "nut their way" through challenges, to assess and judge results, and to adjust actions to find success. (Great life skills!)


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