Helpful Home Hints from a Math Guy

Here is a compendium of helpful home hints all solved with mathematical thinking and/or outright math.

Who knew math could be so handy?

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet
Even mathematicians do laundry! Someone recently said to me: “Hey James. You’re a mathematician. You should be able to figure out how to fold a fitted sheet.” Here’s the result.

How to Fold or Split things into Thirds
I have two problems, which turn out to be the same problem in disguise! One is about packing a tie and the other is about sharing candy. Both problems are about creating awkward thirds.

How to Fix Wobbly Furniture
Isn’t it annoying when you go to sit down on your favourite outdoor chair only to find it is wobbles? What to do? A simple mathematical fix will do the trick!

How to Braid Your Hair
Here’st how mathematics can help resolve an embarrassing predicament to do with your hair!


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