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Cool Math

Cool Math BONUS ESSAY 2021: Heronian Triangles
Cool Math Essay June 2021 Special Heronian Triangles
Cool Math Essay May 2021 Sums of Powers
Cool Math Essay_April 2021 Numbers Possessing a One
Cool Math Essay_March 2021 Prime Deserts
Cool Math Essay February 2021: Average Square Sequences
Cool Math Essay January 2021: Angles in Stars
Cool Math Essay December 2020_Polynomials and Integer Points
Cool Math Essay November 2020 Permutation Matrices
Cool Math Essay October 2020 A Surprise Appearance of Euler’s Formula
Cool Math Essay September 2020 The 27 Card Trick
Cool Math Essay_August 2020 Dots and Dashes
Cool Math Essay_July 2020_64 Coins
Cool Math Essay_June 2020_Maximal Products
Cool Math Essay_May 2020_NIM
Cool Math Essay_April 2020_Pouring Puzzle
Cool Math Essay_March 2020_Symmetrical Solutions and the AG inequality
Cool Math Essay_February 2020_Lattice Points Inside Circles
Cool Math Essay_January 2020 How Rational is your Circle?
Cool Math Essay_December 2019_Suspension Bridges
Cool Math Essay_November 2019_Counting Explosions
Cool Math Essay_October 2019: A Global Math Week Experience
Cool Math Essay_September 2019 Explaining Lill’s Result
Cool Math Essay_August 2019: Hendersons Result Once More
Cool Math Essay_July 2019 Henderson’s Geometric Gem
Cool Math Essay June 2019 Doubly Fractal Sequences
Cool Math Essay_May 2019 Regular Polygon Puzzle
Cool Math Essay_April 2019_Egg Dropping
Cool Math Essay_March 2019_Grid Rearrangements
Cool Math Essay_February 2019_Dividing Lines in Triangles
Cool Math Essay_January 2019_A Surprise Golden Appearance
Cool Math Essay_December 2018_Sums of Fourth Powers
Cool Math Essay_November 2018_Sums of Cubes
Cool Math Essay_October 2018_Grape Codes

Blog Essay February 2019: Two Key–but ignored–Steps to Solving Any Math Problem
Blog Essay January 2019: Breaking Throught the Mathematics Education System Despite Itself
Curriculum Essay_December 2018_Compound Interest
Blog Essay November 2018: Global Joy: Uplifting Mathematics in Classrooms across the Planet
Blog Essay October 2018: A Young Student’s Approach to Polygon Areas
Blog Essay September 2018: Personal Stories of Discovering Mathematics
Blog Essay June 2018: The Unreasonableness of K-12 Mathematics
Curriculum Essay_May 2018_Tangent Curves
Blog Essay April 2018: Time Does Not Run Clockwise: Here’s Proof!
Blog Essay March 2018: 7 times 8 is 54: The Call for Math Memorization
Blog Essay January 2018 Just Teach My Kid the **adjective** Math!

Teaching Problem Solving
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 1 Systems of Equations
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 2 Fractions
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 3 Remainder Theorem
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 4 Rational Functions
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 5 Fitting Quadratics
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 6 A Distance Formula
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 7 Rational Graphs II
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 8 Transformations of Periodic Functions
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 9 Graphing Polynomials
Teaching Problem Solving Mindset 10 Reflecting on Solutions

Past Essays (Scroll way down to see the Cool Math ones in this list!)

Curriculum Essay_January 2018_Power of Symmetry
Curriculum Essay_December 2017_Poisson Distribution
Curriculum Essay_November 2017_Ambiguity and Nuance
Curriculum Essay_October 2017_Exploding Dots Make Space
Curriculum Essay_September 2017_Back to Basics Revisited
Curriculum Essay_August 2017_Factoring
Curriculum Math Essay_July 2017_Expected ValueCurriculum Essay_June 2017_Napier and Logs
Curriculum Essay_May 2017_Law of the Lever
Curriculum Essay_April 2017_Models
Curriculum Essay_March 2017_Exclusionary Math
Curriculum Essay_February 2017_Counterclockwise
Curriculum Essay_January 2017_The Equation of a Line
Curriculum Essay_December 2016_Ratio and Proportion
Curriculum Essay_November 2016_Two Data Points
Curriculum Essay_October 2016_Functions
Curriculum Essay_September 2016_Extraneous Solutions
Curriculum Essay_August 2016_Factoring Follow-Up
Curriculum Essay_July 2016_Factoring Trinomials
Curriculum Essay_June 2016_The Premise
Curriculum Essay_MAY 2016_Math is a Language
Curriculum Essay_April 2016_Quadratic Formula in Klingon
Curriculum Essay_March 2016_Average Value
Curriculum Essay_February 2016_Averages as Fractions
Curriculum Essay_January 2016_Math Wars
Curriculum Essay_December 2015_On Having a PhD
Curriculum Essay_November 2015_EQUATING FAMILIARITY
Curriculum Essay_October 2015_ON GRAPHING
Curriculum Essay_September 2015_PEMDAS
Curriculum Essay_August 2015_Undergraduate Courses for Teaching
Curriculum Essay_July 2015_Basic Probability
Curriculum Essay_June 2015_Same Questions
Curriculum Essay_May 2015_IRRATIONAL NUMBERS
Curriculum Essay_April 2015_SLOPE
Curriculum Essay_March 2015_TEACHING ALGORITHMS
Curriculum Essay_February 2015_WHY DO WE NEED TO KNOW THIS?
Curriculum Essay_January2015_ON SIMPLIFY
Curriculum Essay_December2014_TRIG ADDITION
Curriculum Essay_November2014_POLYNOMIAL DIVISION
Curriculum Essay_October2014_ON THE WORD OF
Curriculum Essay_September2014_AREA and PROBABILITY
Curriculum Essay_August2014_LINE OF BEST FIT
Curriculum Essay_July 2014_MEAN AND VARIATION
Curriculum Essay_June 2014_ABSOLUTE VALUE
Curriculum Essay_May 2014_PYTHAGORAS PRECURSOR
Curriculum Essay_April 2014_CIRCLE THEOREMS
Curriculum Essay_March 2014_FRACTIONS ARE HARD
Curriculum Essay_February 2014_MATRICES
Curriculum Essay_January 2014_VECTORS
Curriculum Essay_December 2013_SPECIAL TRIANGLES
Curriculum Essay_November 2013_On Significant Figures
Curriculum Essay_October 2013_On Thales Theorem
Curriculum Essay_September 2013_On the AREA OF A TRIANGLE formula
Curriculum Essay_June 2013: PILES AND HOLES
Curriculum Essay_May 2013: FITTING EQUATIONS TO DATA
Curriculum Essay_April 2013: LOGARITHMS
Curriculum Essay_March 2013: The VINCULUM
Curriculum Essay_February 2013: WHO CHOSE THOSE NUMBERS?
Curriculum Essay_January 2013: ARE CIRCLES SIMILAR?
Curriculum Essay_December 2012: TROUBLESOME ZERO
Curriculum Essay_April 2012: GRAPHING QUADRATICS
Curriculum Essay_June 2012: DOES ORDER MATTER?
Curriculum Essay_July 2012: ANGLES IN A TRIANGLE
Curriculum Essay_August 2012: THE PARADOX OF AREA
Curriculum Essay_September 2012: 0.9999….
Curriculum Essay_November 2012: ASSESSMENT THOUGHTS

Cool Essay_June 2018_Rotations
Cool Essay_May 2018_Napier’s Checkerboard
Cool Essay_April 2018_Reversible Sums of Two Squares
Cool Essay_March 2018_Incenters
Cool Essay_October 2017_Three Points on a Circle
Cool Essay_September 2017_Plimpton 322
Cool Essay_August 2017_Triangular Sequences
Cool Essay_July 2017_Powers of Two in Pythagoras.docx
Cool Math Essay_Febuary 2017_Vivianis Theorem
Cool Math Essay_January 2017_Sticks and Triangles
Cool Math Essay_December 2016_Geometric Series Issues
Cool Math Essay_August 2016_Zero Knowledge
Cool Math Essay_June 2016_Sandpiles
Cool Math Essay_December 2015_Paper Sizes
Cool Math Essay_November 2015_Algebra in Geometry
Cool Math Essay_October 2015_Carry Triangles
Cool Math Essay_September 2015_Rolling Parabolas
Cool Math Essay_June 2015_BICYCLE TRACKS
Cool Math Essay_APRIL 2015_Weird Multiplication
Cool Math Essay_MARCH 2015_Intermediate Positions
Cool Math Essay_FEBRUARY 2015_Wrapping-Paper Slices
Cool Math Essay_JANUARY 2015_Leapfrog Plus
Cool Math Essay_DECEMBER 2014_Two Trig Puzzles
Cool Math Essay_NOVEMBER 2014_Polynomial Fun
Cool Math Essay_OCTOBER 2014_Parabolic Multiplication
Cool Math Essay_May 2014_RepDigit Squares
Cool Math Essay_April 2014_On Cyclic Quadrilaterals
Cool Math Essay_March 2014_FRACTIONS TAKE NO SPACE
Cool Math Essay_February 2014_SEMIMAGIC SQUARES
Cool Math Essay_June 2013: THOSE BRAIDS!
Cool Math Essay_May 2013: DIVISIBILITY
Cool Math Essay_April 2013: CUBIC and QUARTIC FORMULAS – and more!
Cool Math Essay_March 2013: COUNTING PARENTHESES
Cool Math Essay_January 2013: SUMS OF SQUARES, CUBES and BEYOND!
Cool Math Essay_December2012: GOING FURTHER WITH AVERAGES>
Cool Math Essay_April 2012: MEDIANTS AND FORD CIRCLES
Cool Math Essay_July2012: ON AVERAGE
Cool Math Essay_September 2012: PASCAL “RING” TRIANGLE


    QUADRATICS, Permutations and Combinations, EXPLODING DOTS, and more!

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